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I can set up my audio analyzer and shoot pink noise in 30min, but that's a lot of time when you're in a hurry. Plus, people hate to listen to pink noise. I'm a rental company and I have events every weekend. I need my PA to sound the best it can every time so that I can make the audience happy and keep getting work. If I don’t align the system I can hear it immediately and the the PA will be muddy to listen at.

Claus Jespersen

NexusEvent, Denmark

For FOH Engineers and System Techs with little to no time for a full system alignment.

How does it work?

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  • There's never enough time! Get reliable crossover alignment in 30 seconds.
  • Last minute changes? All you need is a laser distance measure to calculate new settings.
  • Not a phase master? You don't need to understand how SubAligner works to get immediate benefits from it.

As sound systems become more and more complicated, so does our tools race to close the gap. Great sound has come to be associated with a level of complexity that is only attainable by a few specialists who have access to the right gear and training.

In contrast to this trend, I believe that great sound is for everyone, everywhere. While physics may be complicated, our tools don't need to be. They can be simultaneously intelligent, practical, accessible, and easy to use. They can make us feel smart and accomplished while building confidence in our skills.

Great sound isn’t discovered by scraping the bottom of deep pockets. It is uncovered using a combination of art and creativity.

Crossover Alignment
in 30 Seconds?

How to Practice Sub Alignment at Home When You Don't Have a PA

What's included?

  • 89,200 speaker combinations
  • 267,771 transfer function files (REW, SATlive, CrossLite, Smaart© compatible).
  • Onboarding call with Nathan to get you up and running quickly.


How do I get my speakers into SubAligner?

How to align flown and ground subwoofers using SubAligner

Does SubAligner work with a center sub arc?

Use SubAligner with delay speakers and d&b ArrayCalc

How do you use SubAligner with end-fire arrays?

How do you download SubAligner?

Will SubAligner work on a home theater?

What Is Subwoofer Alignment? (And Why It’s Important!)

How do I get my speakers into SubAligner?

Ignoring the crossover alignment doesn't make it go away, it just keeps you from knowing the location. You may end up placing FOH in a null and inadvertently screwing up the mix for the rest of the audience.

Is crossover alignment overrated? I have more important things to do.

Yes! It's not worth obsessing about. That's why I created a tool that lets you get it done fast and move on with your work.

Is SubAligner designed for professional use? I've been tuning systems for years. I don't need an automated solution.

Yes! You can use SubAligner to get an alignment quickly, which you can verify later with your audio analyzer. I wrote an article about my experience in the field testing 13 common alignment methods.

Where do I make a feature request?

First take a look at the product roadmap to see if it is already scheduled. If not, please submit your feature request here.

Where can I upload my own speaker measurements?


Is an active internet connection required?

Yes. This is a common feature request, though, for which I am working on a solution.

Performance Guarantee

I created SubAligner to help you improve your confidence and consistency as a sound engineer! The app is set up to produce immediate results and that’s why we let you try it risk-free for 30 days. By then you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the app is right for you. If it is and you are delighted, simply continue gaining all of the benefits of the app. If you find that you are unsatisfied for any reason, just send me a message and I'll process a fast, friendly refund.

What are people saying?

Zeke Cuevas

I could hear the low end tighten up.

I could feel the bottom end drop into place. During the show the A1 kept complimenting me on how the PA sounded.

Scott Stafford

SubAligner is a real tool for every professional user in every condition. Why do it the hard way when it can be done easily? Save effort and save your brain for meaningful tasks!

Pierre-Alain Vannaz

The price is a bit high for an app, but a working sound engineer will see the value in it. It makes life tremendously easier.

Dwayne Roberts









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